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Who We Are

Astygma Fertility Center is one of the best Fertility Center in Maharashtra. Astygma Fertility Center is available in Shirol,Kolhapur & Pune.

What We Do

We at Astygma Fertility Center provide quality healthcare services to meet the patients requirements through continual improvement by applying quality management system of the process...

Why Choose Us

We Astygma fertility center is uniuue fertility treating center in whole world by astygma therapy which includes medical pathies including allopathy, Ayurveda, Mindscience, Yoga, naturopathy, accupressure below one roof. Providing all disgnostice procedures & treatments like IUI, IVF,(Test tubebaby) panchkarma.

We are “Astygma Fertility Center, Shirol” working in health since last twenty years.Our founder president Dr. Umesh D. Kalekar has completed his graduation in 1995 & pg(M.D.) at Kolkata, West Bengal. He delivered hundreds of radio talks, lectures & published more than hundred articles in newspapers. He also published books & CDs regarding health & especially male & female Infertility (Sterility). He is conducting health workshops, camps & guiding people all over the world.

He discovered new pattern of yoga “Ultra Yoga” in which main concept is “Yoga for all” & “Nitya yoga”. He is travelling through Europe & guiding his followers regarding health & harmony. He developed genuine technique of meditation “A-dhyand & A Dhyang”. In which main concept is “Meditation for all” & “Nitya-Dhyana”. He had “Ultrayoga” Programs for police, teachers, professionals, workers & prisoners in jail as well.

He studied all pathies of medical science & drawn extract of those through “Astygma Therapy” for male & Female Infertility in Astygma Therapy. We start from Brain (Hypothalamus & Pituitary glands) to genitals from medication to meditation here. We perform all needed Investigation like blood, urine, hormonal essay, X-ray, sonography laparoscopy & all needed other diagnostic procedures under one roof.

We execute procedures like IUI (Intra uterine Insemination) in very economical fees. We treated number of A zoospermia patients successfully & oligospermia, asthano spermia as well. We are doing research on PCOS (Polycystic ovanian syndrsme) &it treated successfully patients all over the world. Our research paper is included in books published in Eastern Europe regarding PCOS & Female health by famous writer MAJA PAKIC from serbia.

We have spacious campus with exucative interior of waiting, consulting lab, IUI labs and indoor facility in the heart of city with easy connectivity from “Kolhapur airport” of just 40 km. There is facility of our hospital cab car from airport to our Astygma Fertility Center . Railway station is only 10 Km away at jaysingpur. Our center is mere 40Km away from National highway No.4.

Every facility regarding male & female fertility is provided including :-

  • Weight Reduction Program
  • Isolated ladies fitness training hall
  • Panchkarma including:Shirodhara,Basti,Nasya,Virechana,Vamana
  • Meditation & Yoga Hall
  • Music therapy
  • Naturopathy
  • Acupressure (Shiastu)
  • Mudra –Yoga
  • IUI(Infra Uterine Insemination)
  • IVF(in Vifro Fertilisation : test tube baby): Proposed
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) Treatment

Recently our “Astygma Therapy” is falicited by “International Excellence Award” at Belgrade conference in Serbia by Hon. Ambassador Mrs. Narinder Chouhan of India where our president Dr.Umesh D. Kalekar delivered his presentation in front of 300 European delegates regarding “Male & Female infertility”

In all our “Astygma fertility center” is unique in world regarding of sterility because of its all pathies included in Astygma Therapy & it gifted new dimensions to infertility treatment throughout whole world so what us meaningful slogan is “Forget Infertility Forever”.